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How Does Membership Work?

  • You can buy NEMA membership for a package of benefits
  • You can attend NEMA-membership classes just with a one-time drop-in fee
  • You can enroll in other classes at NEMA, even without a NEMA membership
    • Many guest workshops and classes (outside the membership package) offer special discounts to NEMA members!
  • SPECIAL Health and Wellness Discount! If the only class you want is the Stretching class, tuition is just $25 per month

Please join us for regular NEMA membership to take the best advantage of an enriched number of community classes taught by NEMA Instructors. There are various levels of membership packages available to meet everyone’s schedules and needs. Membership usually spans about twelve weeks. Contact us to see when the current sessions are running.

Included with Membership

All paid NEMA Memberships also include the following.

  • Unlimited studio class session offerings for all classes listed in the Membership Class Section
  • Discount on any additional guest workshops
  • Members will have the performing options and studio costume rental privileges
  • Tea, water, and snack bar available to members on site with suggested donation
  • Complimentary in-class use of props and accessories (such as hip scarves, canes, swords, veils)
  • Access to extensive onsite videos and music library
  • Sewing machines and equipment available for use in studio

Applications for NEMA’s Volunteer/Internship Program are located here.

Membership Types and Tuition

  • Gold Membership – Offered to all community members
    • $120/Quarterly Sessions
  • Silver Membership – Membership offered to community members participating in NEMA’s internship/volunteer program
    • $105/Quarterly Sessions
  • Bronze Membership – Membership offered to students, veterans, and seniors
    • $105/Quarterly Sessions
  • Copper Membership – Membership offered to students, veterans, and seniors participating in NEMA’s volunteer/intern program
    • $75/Quarterly Sessions
  • SPECIAL Health and Wellness Discount! If the only class you want is the Mon-Fri Daily Stretching morning class, tuition is just $25 per month!
  • Drop-In Class – NEMA offers many dance classes that are drop-in friendly. If it’s your first time to the the NEMA studio, please call one hour in advance (805) 218-2312, so we know to expect you. Payment made on site or in advance.
    • $12/ drop-in class
  • NEMA Kids – Sign up on-site for kids’ classes. Please email in advance for bookings. Payments shall be made on-site only by arrangement.

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