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  • For NEMA members: Discounted prices = $8 drop-in for a single reiki share
  • $10 donation is appreciated! Please kindly consider the studio fee, my energy, and time

About Reiki Master Teacher, Tomoko Wynn

Usui/ Healing Fire, also Healing Fire Karuna Reiki master teacher, the owner of Two Moon Child Reiki, Tomoko Wynn was born in Tokyo and grew up in Yokohama, Japan. She left Japan in 1997 and practiced an alternative style  energy healing not requiring Reiki attunement. She moved to South Korea and then Germany where she continued practicing energy healing. After moving to Ventura she completed her Holy Fire II Master training with Jessica Miller (the author of “Reiki’s Birthplace A Guide to Kurama Mountain”) in May, 2016.

Tomoko  spent more than 25 years using various methods of healing energy. Throughout her life, higher energy has helped her live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Her greatest hope is that every person in the world uses Reiki and heal each other.

Also she loves dancing and she is a member of NEMA. She agrees deeply to Jan Straka’s motto, “Live to dance! Dance to Live!”

Tomoko! Live for Reiki! Reiki for Life!

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