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Dance for fun, exercise, or aspire to dance professionally—our goal is to make your dance dream come true.  Everyone can dance! At NEMA, we welcome all of you to join our community of dancers and pursue a lifetime of dance!

Club NEMA in Oxnard offers advanced, intermediate, and beginning lessons and has been performing throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties for over twenty years. Read even more about us…

The Nema World Dance and Arts Center is equipped with a floating sprung dance floor crafted to absorb shock for a healthy workout, mirrors on the front and back walls allowing visual feedback to evaluate movement and placement of body lines, and high fidelity studio sound system that is pleasing to the ear and well being. It is also conveniently located one block from the Oxnard Transportation Center.

NEMA is a 2017 City of Oxnard Legacy Arts Grant recipient and would like to thank the City of Oxnard for its patronage.

Dance Like a Professional

For those students who want to take their dancing to the next level, your commitment requires dedication, practice time, and  guidance. At NEMA, we are here to guide you along that path and to help you achieve that goal. Check out our class descriptions and the current class calendars.

September-November 2019: Schedule at a Glance

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